Commercial Disinfecting Service – Electrostatic Spray

Offering coronavirus disinfecting service in the Richmond Metro Area

Electrostatic spraying achieves the most coverage possible for disinfecting by using a special sprayer nozzle that gives the disinfectant an electric charge. The now positively charged disinfectant is sprayed evenly and bonds to the negatively charged surfaces. The bond between the disinfectant and surfaces creates a more complete and even disinfectant coating, which helps with killing pathogens on the surfaces. This technology has been used in other industries, such as car painting, for decades in order to ensure even applications.

Benefits of Electrostatic spray:

  • Less time and effort for greater disinfectant coverage of large areas
  • Thorough disinfecting of places that are hard to reach (or impossible) with other methods
  • Controlling and preventing of the spread of viruses like influenza, HIV, MRSA, COVID-19, and others (when an appropriate disinfectant is used)
  • Tighter control over where the spray goes means less waste and less chance of overusing your disinfectant
  • The even layer of spray disinfects and dries without needing to be wiped off, which means your cleaning team can disinfect surfaces without ever having to touch them

By choosing to disinfect in general, you are protecting your business by decreasing the risk of workplace illness as well as the liability risk of a non-employee catching a sickness from your business place. There will also be an increase in trust from your customers and employees because they know you are looking out for them and that you care enough about their well-being to invest in having a clean and healthy business environment.

Electrostatic spraying and COVID-19

It is extremely important to make sure that you are doing everything you can to protect your business from COVID-19. Prevention begins with requiring masks and making sure that employees are educated on the correct hand washing procedures.

Another important COVID-19 prevention measure is disinfecting the workplace, and electrostatic spray can play an important part. It can reach places that other cleaning tools can’t, and quickly cover large sections of your high-traffic areas. Additionally, the cleaning process is low risk for the crew because there is no need for them to touch the surfaces during the electrostatic spray application. This is due to the spray applying evenly and drying on its own.